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About the channel

Guidance and support for your health and well-being while balancing busy schedules! 

Learn effective techniques to: 

What you'll get:

  • INTRODUCTORY CALL - Individual 30-minute Zoom call; optional, but highly recommended! An opportunity for us to talk about your health goals and concerns, and get you set up with the next steps.
  • THE CHANNEL - Group coaching and a place to ask your health & wellness questions. Two new posts every week, with practical techniques for your musculoskeletal health and emotional well-being, check-ins, and Q+As.
  • ADDITIONAL TOOLS - Occasional extra downloads to support the video content in the channel.

The advice given on this channel is not meant as a substitute for medical advice. Heini Tallent LMT is not a medical doctor nor is she qualified to make any diagnoses. It is up to you to determine the suitability of any of the exercises for your health and level of fitness - if in any doubt, please seek your physician's advice before starting any health or wellness program.

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About Heini Tallent
Heini Tallent is a licensed massage therapist, chronic pain specialist, certified running coach, athlete, and self-care advocate. 

Through 15 years of clinical experience and twice as long in competitive sports, Heini has seen time and again that the greatest successes do not come from one single, magic ingredient. With her help and guidance, you'll learn a holistic approach to getting better. Heini's philosophy blends a goal-driven focus with an understanding of our bodies' interlinked connections and an appreciation for wellness from within. Heini's clients know her as a skilled and knowledgeable guide who genuinely cares and is invested in their success. Working with her is a close partnership, as she strives to educate and empower.