Uncovering Your Core Values

Uncovering Your Core Values

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We all have non-negotiables. 

You know, those principles we don't allow anyone to mess with, or really upset us when someone actually does.

These are your Core Values - your own inner compass. The foundation upon which you build everything else.

Uncovering your core values, that compass, gives you a tool for making decisions based on what is important and fulfilling ~ to you. Everything you do, including discovering your purpose, vision and goals are at due North on that compass. Without it, your decisions seem arbitrary, your boundaries have no definition, and you experience stress & conflict instead of clarity and peace.

  • Do you lack purpose and direction?
  • Do you feel trapped in an unfulfilling career? 
  • Do you lack confidence in deciding where to commit your time and energy?
  • Are you torn between what you think you should do and what you want to do?

Here’s the good news: I can help!

I'm a Values-Based coach, living and working in alignment with my own values, and experienced in helping my clients uncover theirs. 

My approach to life through Intentional Optimism, allows you to work through this exercise in a positive and supportive environment. Armed with the hope that you can accomplish this basic personal growth tool, you will lay the foundation and building blocks for the rest of your journey. 

This 4 module course walks you through a simple, encouraging exercise, and you'll emerge with the courage to move forward with intention and purpose, clarity in your decisions, comfort in your boundaries, and a foundation upon which personal growth can flourish.

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