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Podcast Creator Incubator

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About the channel

This group coaching incubator is for podcast hosts and producers that are dedicated to creating a top notch show. Every week coaches Christine or Tiff, co-hosts of the Think Like a Producer podcast and veteran podcast producers, share training and tips on their current favorite methods for creating high-quality podcasts and media that attract dream customers and audiences.

We cover technical production questions (equipment, software, services, project management) as well as audience development strategy, hosting skills, marketing and monetization coaching, and more.

Membership includes:

  • Weekly topical video lessons from Tiff or Christine covering current strategies or insights on podcast creation for influencers
  • Monthly Q&A Zoom calls that the whole group can learn from while your questions are answered
  • Resources, recommendations, and solutions for technical questions that every podcaster runs into
  • Video chat access to Tiff and Christine

About Christine Baird

Christine Baird is a podcast consultant and host who teaches micropreneurs how to podcast like bigwigs – at the scale of thousands of listeners and millions of downloads.

After six years in corporate sales, Christine did a career 180 and has been working in podcast production, content strategy, and audience development since 2014. She worked on Lewis Howes’ brand, The School of Greatness, for four years, where she got to grow his top-ranked podcast from less than 1 million downloads to over 80 million.

Now she’s pivoted to supporting more people create and grow their shows and impact. She consults and strategizes on micropreneur's podcasts and she trains teams to become in-house producers of high-quality media.

Christine also hosts her own podcast, the Worthfull Project, and is the co-host of the Think Like a Producer podcast. She’s passionate about owning her worth and inspiring others to do the same.

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