The Intuition Activist

The Intuition Activist

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About the channel

Every week we will connect to our intuition together using the energy of the lunar phase along with a new concept, technique or tool to activate our intuition.  This is weekly support to help you stay connected to your inner knowing, your essence...your truth.  Making permanent and positive change in our mind is easier when we support each other in community.  In 2021, we will be grounded, focused and ready for the abundance of wisdom, strength and goodness that is waiting for us to open our arms to receive it.  

About Meliea Black

I'm a midwife, a mystic and a moon lover who helps folks activate their intuition and their authentic voice to decrease anxiety and frustration and bring more grace, ease and flow into their daily life.  Doing this helps us all to create the more compassionate and caring community and world that we want to see.  When I'm not helping bring babies into the world or coaching intuitive living, I can be found in a graphic tee and leggings eating Starburst jelly beans while watching something on Netflix.  I have 3 kids who think their queer, quirky mother is mostly ok but sometimes they wonder.  I'm an intersectional feminist who believes that we dismantle the patriarchy and white supremacist structures in the world by first dismantling them in ourselves and our intuition helps us do that.