The Robin Finn Women's Writing Den

The Robin Finn Women's Writing Den

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About the channel

Welcome to the Robin Finn Women’s Writing Den. The Den is a virtual writing sanctuary that will transform your writing practice through weekly "2-minutes of magic" mini writes, individualized strength-based feedback, exercises designed to build confidence, freedom, and exploration, and a meaningful connection to a community of supportive writers. In The Den, we will explore our voices, unleash the stories that want to be told, share our work in a nurturing environment, overcome negative beliefs and "gremlin talk," generate tons of new material, get uplifted and supported, and be creative, accountable, and bold. This is your 24/7 writing coach and writing community all in one. Buckle up! 

Each week, I offer mini-writes, feedback, strategies, support, methods, and mindsets to help you release and share your authentic voice. Our deepest writing comes from our bodies, not our minds. When we learn to get out of our own way, our creative genius naturally shines through. In The Den, you will write and share feedback in a manner that sparks your creativity, enhances your accountability, assists you in writing without judgment, and invigorates your writing! 

Your monthly membership includes: 

 • Weekly commitment making; weekly writing prompts for "Two Minutes of Magic" miniwrites; Den Talks focused on writing strategies and methods, working with timed writing, supporting freshly-written material, going deeper into your writer’s voice, creating and sustaining momentum, building confidence as a writer, submitting and pitching your writing, and other relevant topics as they arise; weekend writing challenges; collaborative writing opportunities; and exercises designed to support and uplift your creative spirit. Every writer will receive individualized, strength-based feedback designed to nurture a writer’s original voice and build artistic self-esteem. The Den is a nurturing and generative space to write. 

 • One-on-one coaching with Robin to help overcome creative blocks, dive deeply into the story that wants to be told, write in your own voice, make and keep creative commitments, and discuss any creative issues or specific writing questions.

• Individualized feedback from Robin on every piece of writing that you post and from other members of the Den.

• Intimate, Den-members-only writing events held live on Zoom. 

• The opportunity to post larger pieces of writing and receive individualized feedback from Robin and other members of the Den community.

• A digital archive of writing prompts and creative qualities so you can write anytime, at your own pace.

• 24/7 availability: Enter The Den when it works for you. The unique video platform is always open and you can post, comment, and share your work at your convenience, according to your schedule.

• A nurturing community of fellow women writers working with established methodologies of providing feedback in a manner that nurtures a writer’s original voice and builds artistic self-esteem and creative confidence. 

• Your writing coach and writing your pocket!  

About Robin Finn

Robin Finn, MA, MPH is passionate about helping women find and share their voice in service to living more self-expressed, creative, and joyful lives. She is an award-winning writer, teacher, and coach, and the founder and creator of Heart. Soul. Pen.®, a Los Angeles-based course blending deep-dive creativity and soul-centered writing for women. Her essays have appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, BuzzFeed, Mamalode, Brain Child, The Huffington Post and many others. 

In 2017, Robin’s first novel, “Restless in L.A.” was named a "Best New Novel of 2017" by Robin launched and teaches the Women’s Writing Workshop at UCLA Writer’s Program and is an Amherst Writers & Artists (AWA)-certified writing facilitator. She has master’s degrees in public health from Columbia University and in spiritual psychology from the University of Santa Monica. 

Robin believes that when women find their voice on the page, it transforms their lives, that women thrive in community, and that creativity is stoked through authentic sharing and supportive feedback. She believes our most meaningful work arises from our body not our brain. Her motto is, “Don’t think, just write.” 

Robin lives with her family in L.A. where she writes about midlife, writing, parenting, spirituality, the creative process, and finding inner peace (sort of). She is a frequent contributor to the Los Angeles Times and blogs weekly at, "Sleepless in the San Fernando Valley" at Learn more about Robin at or about her live classes and workshops at

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