Raising Healthy Sleepers

Raising Healthy Sleepers

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About the channel


Raising Healthy Sleepers is membership program that will provide you the tools, knowledge and support to develop and maintain the good sleep habits that you value for your family. 

Sleep habits evolve as your child grows and life happens! Over time you will experience shifts in schedules and naps, new behaviors will emerge, and all sorts of transitions will unfold!  

Let's take this journey together!

Here's what is included with the membership:


I will be here for you every week - always in your back pocket when you need it! I will provide personalized coaching and answer your specific questions and concerns when they first come up. Anything on your mind, ask away! 

In addition to coaching from me, you will get all the added benefits from group coaching. You will learn from other parents’ Q&A as well, and I hope you will share your experience and wisdom with others too! Getting other families' perspectives is invaluable!


We'll dig into a specific sleep-related topic every month. Depending on the topic, we'll use videos, guides, handouts, checklists, open discussions, etc.


Every month we'll cover a non-sleep parenting topic (for example: feeding, family fun, parenting hacks, etc.). Based on the topic, we'll have guest speakers, share resources, discuss a podcast/article, open discussions, etc.


Have a question? You have access to an extensive library of resources: guides, videos, checklists, online course. New content will be added monthly.


We’ll use a new app called Channels, created by the Marco Polo developers. If you are familiar with Marco Polo, Channels will feel familiar. Channels is a video coaching platform, and it’s asynchronous, which means we don’t need to be on it at the same time. You can post, participate and watch on your own time. 

I am excited I found a platform that supports video. I find that talking through things works better than writing, and that busy parents feel the same! It can be hard to schedule a call with little ones around and unpredictable schedule. With Channels, you will be able to hop on and share/listen - whenever it's convenient to you!


If you feel stuck, we'll hop on a 30-min Zoom to get you the answers you need to get back on track. Members of Raising Healthy Sleepers receive a special $35 Get Unstuck rate. Rate for non-members is $60.

And most Importantly, join a community of families who value sleep like you!  

You don't have to do this alone. Let's share the ups and downs of parenting - sleep and all - take this journey together!

If you have any questions about Raising Healthy Sleepers, email me at meg@slumbertimesolutions.com

See you on the inside!

About Marie-Eve Gagnon

After experiencing sleep struggles with my own children, I knew I wanted to provide families the knowledge and support that I so needed at the time. I became a certified Gentle Sleep Coach in 2014 and since then I have empowered hundreds of tired families to transform their sleep. 

I believe that sleep can look different for different families, and no single solution fits everyone. I am committed to helping families achieve their specific sleep goals using tools and strategies that fit their unique situation, their child and their parenting style. 

I focus on families with children 0-6 years old. My approach is gentle, breastfeeding-friendly, attachment-friendly and developmentally appropriate. If you are dreaming of more peaceful bedtimes and naps, more sleep at night and more time in the evening, let's do it together!

 For more info, visit www.slumbertimesolutions.com

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