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Practice BluePrint

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About the channel

Mentorship on Demand

How does a small town natural health practice develop over 700 active clients with over 250 that have been active for over 10 years? It doesn’t happen by accident or luck and we are sharing all of our secrets to success!!

Eliminate guesswork, hesitation & frustration in your Natural Health Business learning how to:

💥Market & Attract New Clients
💥Build Relationships that Last
💥Streamline your Business System
💥Simplify Education to Retain Clients Long Term

BONUS: Get your Business Questions Answered with our Weekly Q&A!!

Learn from over 22 years of real Practice Experience with Board Certified Traditional Naturopath Dan Young. Hosting with Dan is Becca Harrison, certified in Holistic Health with a diverse background in business and a MBA in Strategic Management & Marketing.

The only platform built by Practitioners for Practitioners!

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About Dan Young

Practice BluePrint

Your Mentorship on Demand!

Our Focus, Your Results!

Because of the overwhelming success our clinic continues to enjoy, we give back by making it possible for ALL Nutrition minded Practitioners to experience the business of their dreams. Many come out of school enhanced healers and have ZERO clue how to Create, Market, Manage, Grow or Sustain an actual Wellness Practice. Practice BluePrint is making this possible through this Channel’s App as an introduction to additional services.

👉🏻 Shadow Days With Dan

👉🏻 Practitioner Weekends 

👉🏻 6 Day Intensive Hands-On Mentorship Program and much, much more…..

For more detail, contact

Our motto: “We walk students into business mastery so the may run at any pace they choose.” Hands on clinical experience combined with our proven education platform for achieving maximum results has no equal in the Nutritional Therapy industry.

Contact Dan @ 307-631-5300