Happy Home Parenting - The Parent Plate Channel

Happy Home Parenting - The Parent Plate Channel

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About the channel

Happy Home Parenting will provide a healthy plate of support. No longer will you feel isolated in your parenting frustrations or concerns, I'm here to help. 

What's on the Menu:

  • Weekly Parent Expert videos 
  • Weekly effective techniques to common parenting struggles
  • Weekly parenting advice
  • Personalized parenting plan with a Parent Coach within 24 hours
  • Access to past post and videos 
  • Once a month Zoom 1:1 check ins

I look forward to sharing tips and other tidbits that will feed your parenting soul, as well as allow you to feel more satisfied with your parenting approach.


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About Tawanda Evans-McIntosh

Tawanda obtained her Masters in Education with a Specialization in Child Development and holds an undergraduate degree in Social Work. She possess a comprehensive background in child development, nutrition, health, and safety.

Tawanda is a member Zero to Three, a think tank on policies and resources on infant and toddler mental health. She is also an Independent Facilitator utilizing the Early Childhood Made Fun and Parenting the Love & Logic Way curriculum

Tawanda has drawn on the wisdom of world-class researchers and parent experts to provide top-notch parental programs. Through her many years of working with families, she found that having the right tools and techniques leads to the right attitude. Providing those techniques and support is the main goal for Happy Home Parenting.