Launch From The Beach

Launch From The Beach

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About the channel

Launch From The Beach!

On nearly every single 1:1 coaching consultation call I receive the question “Don’t you have a group program where I could just plug in?” 

Well, no - until now, that is!

You’re a busy, high performing, mission minded woman - always successful, but your mental/emotional energy is dedicated somewhere else. Maybe you have a cause, a side hustle, or a message you just can’t NOT pay attention to. 

You have drive and grit, but need  accountability and encouragement, and don't like being tied to a specific coaching time, or experience. If you crave the face to face relational connections and accountability, encouragement and challenge of a coach on your timetable - this is for you.

What this program offers you:

Big Picture Vision: Set & share your goals to determine your direction. I help keep you focused on the BIG vision so you can focus on keeping your boat upright in the water!

Accountability: Keeping you on track or on target for your set goals. Avoiding shiny objects, overcoming obstacles, reminding you of your desired destination.

Community: Build relationships through the exchange of ideas, encouragement and fellowship with like-minded women 

Teaching: I teach the personal growth plan of Intentional Optimism, within the rhythms of yearly, monthly and weekly themes, designed to enhance your ability to grow in your understanding of yourself and the knowledge of how to move forward toward your individual goals. 

Cheerleading: We all need people reminding us we can do it, and in Launch From The Beach, you'll find a group of women who want your success as much as they want their own. Getting a sailboat in the water by yourself is virtually impossible unless you sit around and wait fo the tide to come in. Who wants to do THAT?

⛵WHAT, my friend, are YOU launching? ⛵

I invite you to join us in this amazing community, where we are all helping each other Launch From The Beach! 

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