Latter-Day Lesbian Podcast

Latter-Day Lesbian Podcast

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About the channel

Daily banter with your favorite podcast hosts, and fun discussions with other LDL-ers! Want to stump Mary with a FUMPOTD (Effed-Up Mormon Phrase of the Day), or watch Shelly shoulder-dance to '80s music? Check out our pups Eddie & Domino acting like total idiots, and answer our regular "would you rather" questions. Join the conversation today!

About Mary & Shelly

We're Mary and Shelly. Shelly is a divorced mother of seven dealing with leaving the Mormon church and coming to terms with her sexuality. Mary is a recovering evangelical Christian, and also a "career lesbian" (as Shelly puts it). Together we're processing all the religious B.S. and navigating a romantic relationship, through a podcast that's raw, honest and funny. Please join us!