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About the channel

Inside Coaching is a chance to experience and contribute to an authentic, vulnerable, and intimate conversation, right in your pocket.

Led by close friends and collaborators Sue Heilbronner and Leah Pearlman, this channel offers you a place on the inside as two experienced coaches coach themselves, each other, other channel members, and you.  

Our aim is to support you in increasing alignment, self-honesty, and the willingness to take risks in service of being more effective and feeling more alive. The ripple effects of this experience will be powerful and real.

We emphasize lived experience of personal growth over hypothetical doctrine. Sometimes the posts are wise, sometimes messy, often both.

You will love this channel if you want to be part of an interactive environment and a place to practice with two dynamic, seasoned, playful coaches, and an extraordinary community of channel members committed to increasing their presence and satisfaction in work and life. 

Here's how the channel improves the daily life of one of our members.

Come with an open mind to experimenting, making mistakes, experiencing rapid learning. 

Come with an open heart to feeling seen, heard, and loved.

If you'd like to try be for you buy, enter code FREEMONTH below. 

Leah Pearlman

Leah Pearlman is a passionate and devoted student of inner work and transformation. Her first love is on experimenting and direct application in her own life, and then uses these learnings to help others through art, writing, video, and facilitation. She is the creator of, where she has been sharing her learnings and teaching for nearly a decade.   See her Tedx Talk here

Sue and Leah have been working together in coaching and teaching since 2013. Together, they built Leadership Camp and have brought their unique blend of structure, improvisation, intuition, and heart to hundreds of leaders around the world. 

About Sue Heilbronner

Sue Heilbronner of is a successful executive coach, speaker, and team facilitator who marries her business and investing experience with the principles of conscious leadership. Sue is a natural instigator of authentic conversation, game to reveal her inner work in service of building intimate connection and a shared learning experience.