Glitter Mindset

Glitter Mindset

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About the channel

Sparkle up your mindset to up-level your business and your life!

About Aria Leighty

Aria Leighty is a thought leader, trailblazer, and business mentor. For over a decade Aria has combined her diverse experience, creative ideas, a wide range of connections, and unique perspective to help women on the edge of change up-level in their businesses and lives. Aria helps you get out of your own way, sparkle up your mindset, step into your power, and live your dream life. Working with Aria as a business mentor blends consulting, coaching, and cheerleading not found anywhere else.

Aria has a proven track record of success in building communities and online empires. Schedule a “Pick My Brain” session, join a mastermind, subscribe to the Marco Polo Channel, or work 1:1.