Dream Little One's Graduates-Sleep Support Group

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About the channel
I'm welcoming any members who have completed some sort of official sleep training.  But as we all know, sleep is forever changing as your babies grow and questions come up.  This channel is a place to hear my top sleep tips and best practices to continue your healthy sleep habits.  Each week you will have the opportunity to ask questions and get individual answers directly from me.  There is also an added benefit from seeing and learning from the questions and experiences of other families. Subscribing to my Channel will help keep your family sleeping well as the months or even years continue on.  Click the link below to join us.  

About Danielle Rowe
I am the owner of Dream Little One Family Sleep Consulting and a mom of 3 in San Jose, CA.  Sleep became a passion of mine when my kiddos began to struggle.  I was certified as a Child Sleep Consultant in 2014 by the Family Sleep Institute.  Now having worked with over 450 families around the world I have a lot of experience to share with all of you.