Creating a Culture of Oneness

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About the channel
Join me as we take a deeper dive, exploring a holistic practice of Oneness for Social Change. Here we take Allyship and infuse it with Universal Laws, specifically, the practice of the Law of Divine Oneness.  

The most significant social justice/change work you can do is transform your behaviors' system to be in alignment for the highest good of all. 

Practicing Oneness is about being a part of a shift that uplifts, empowers, and anchors in a higher consciousness into our world through our hearts (emotions), heads (thoughts), and hands (actions). This deep inner work is imperative to creating a culture that values, appreciates, and holds sacred the life, experience, and purpose of all. 

**This subscription includes one 30 min zoom coaching session per month.**

If you are looking for an introductory, please try my Coaching for Authentic Allyship Channel

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