Bruce's Coaching Club

Bruce's Coaching Club

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About the channel

Welcome to Bruce Van Horn's "Coaching Club!" I've created the Coaching Club to have a place where I can directly and personally interact with you, to share my thoughts and experiences with you to help you become the fullest expression of who you were created to be. The Coaching Club, however, isn't just about me coaching you. It is truly a club with members who are united around a common interest and desire to support and learn from each other. This is a virtual Mastermind Group, where we all come together to share our collective wisdom and experiences with each other. Synergy!

If this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of... join the club!

As a Coaching Club Member, you'll get:

  • An intro video to each of my podcasts and a forum to join in a discussion about them
  • Daily motivational messages from me
  • A place to get support, encouragement, and accountability from me and other Club Members who want the best for you!
  • Behind-the-scenes posts from my travels and interviews
  • Monthly LIVE "Ask Me Anything" video sessions
  • Access to ALL Group recordings/playbacks
  • Access to Video Courses and Workshops
  • Early access to new book content
  • Discounts on private coaching and public events/workshops

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