Peace, Power and Pleasure

Peace, Power and Pleasure

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About the channel

Peace, Power and Pleasure is your new home to receive and share resources, wisdoms and hangout with like-minded people. 

In this community you’ll have access to amazing guest experts, breathwork sessions, cacao circles, tantra conversations and all things to support the Peace, Power and Pleasure in your life. 

This is “slow burn” experience and this monthly membership is built for any-and everyone who has very little or a lot of time available for themselves. A new perspective can happen overnight however embodying that new perspective into your daily life will take some patience and a lot grace. I’m here to support you with both. 

In this community you’ll be a part of:

  • Weekly content to support the Peace, Power and Pleasure in your life. 🎥 
  • Q&A’s 📝
  • Powerful Meditations ⚡️
  • Renewing Breathwork 🌬
  • Mental, Emotional and Physical Wealth Tools. 🧠
  • Tantric Practices 🔥
  • Private International Community 🌎
  • Guest Experts
  • BONUS gifts that you DEFINITELY don’t want to miss out on! 🎁

In a rapidly changing society NOW more than ever it’s imperative you have resources to embrace life as it comes so you can be in the best position as possible to meet it with tools for sustainable peace, presence and heart centered power. Not to mention, commUNITY is vital for mental, emotional and physical wealth. 

I’m DEEPLY grateful for your trust in me to be a guide on your unique path.

See you soon! -Brenden and the team.

About Brenden Durell

Brenden is a dedicated student of life and deeply committed to lifelong curiosity and peace for himself and others. He is a former professional athlete turned life aficionado and has journeyed through 60 countries learning, absorbing and immersing in cultures and many healing modalities. Brenden’s passionate lifestyle is lived through tantric principles of compassion, peace and love for which he feels is both the key and secret sauce for healthy growth and evolution. Brenden has impacted thousands of people over the last decade through genuine connection and intriguing conversations.


Quotes from Brenden’s forthcoming  book Peace is Pleasure;

“May your vibe be a product of your heart and not your environment.”

“The ego desires quantity and the soul desires quality.”

“It rains to grow you, not rust you.”

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