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Brain Essentials VIP

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Sorry, this service is not currently accepting new members. Please check back later or contact if you think this is an error.

About the channel

Become a Brain Essentials VIP Member and receive the training to respond to client and family needs while having access to peer & expert collaboration.


The VIP channel is an exclusive membership where you can gain access to the Brain Essentials Complete Course, the community, bi-monthly Q&A with Dr. Danielle and more!

How it Works ...

Simply sign up as a VIP for just $25/month and gain free access to the Complete Brain Essentials Courses, the Brain Essentials community and bi-monthly Q&A with Dr. Danielle. Plus receive a bonus welcome package after your first 3 months of membership! This is an exclusive VIP group limited to 25 persons at a time. Need to get on the wait list? Click here

What You Will Gain ...

This VIP access will help up-level your business, coaching or mental health practice, create better client satisfaction, and family life as you apply the science of nature for emotional wellbeing. The Complete Brain Essentials Course is a key component to enhancing your knowledge, empowering yourself, your clients and family health. You will learn when and how to use essential oils within your practice, your own health and that of those you love.

What Happens Next ...

Once you join the channel app, you will have access to all the videos, past Q&A sessions and members experiences and testimonials inside the app. You will also be emailed a link to access the Complete Brain Essentials Course free!

You can enjoy the VIP membership benefits for as long or as little as you like. There is no annual contract with the membership, you can cancel the monthly subscription at anytime. When you cancel, you will also loose access to the Complete Brain Essentials Course and the VIP Channel. 

VIP Membership saves you a total of $1550! 

(calculated with a 3 month VIP Membership)

Regular prices if purchased without the VIP membership: 

- Complete Brain Essentials Courses $550

- Resource Material $25  

- Consultation Q&A with Dr. Danielle $175 (6 sessions within the 3 months)= $1050

**The VIP membership and Q&A sessions with Dr. Danielle Daniel are NOT a replacement for mental health treatment supervision or services. Suggestions and resources are to support emotions and brain health and are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any medical or mental health issues. 

About Dr. Danielle D

Dr. Danielle Daniel is a Doctor of Psychology and Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a holistic approach to the brain. Using the science of nature, her expertise focuses on the neural limbic pathways, neurocardiology, and psychogastroenterology (the gut-brain axis) for immediate and sustained emotional wellbeing. She trains hospitals, clinics and therapists around the world on the field of Psychoaromacology and the application of Psychoaromatherapy.