Amarilys Henderson

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About the channel
Come alongside licensed artist and teacher Amarilys Henderson and receive close mentorship to grow your watercolor painting pursuits. Amarilys has taught over 100K students online and works as a well-known artist and author, seeing her whimsical work on a variety of products all over the world. 

Members in the Watercolor Devo Inner Circle receive:

  • Monthly theme of trending subject matter
  • Weekly prompts with short video instruction
  • Weekly encouragement in common creative hangups
  • Live video feedback from Amarilys on posts
  • Monthly group video call growth chat or live painting session
  • Positive interaction with other vetted Inner Circle members
  • Access to past posts and video lessons

The Inner Circle is suited for those wanting to make watercolor painting a regular practice by learning straight from a working professional artist. Best suited for teen and up.

About Amarilys Henderson
Amarilys Henderson brings the dynamic vibrancy of watercolor to everyday products. As a surface designer, Amarilys has had the pleasure of seeing her work on a variety of surfaces--from paper to porcelain. 

See her work:

Amarilys found her creative renaissance in newfound motherhood and refreshed faith. You’ll find this boy-mom curled up like a cat in her Minnesota studio, lattes and brushes at the ready.