Coaching for Authentic Allyship

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About the channel
Recent events have opened your eyes to injustice, and you can no longer stay silent. But what do you do, how do you start. It may all seem like way too much, and you feel ill-equipped to make a substantial difference in the world. Here you will find Support, Coaching, and Training on how to participate in being an active and authentic ally. This is a no judgment zone where you can ask questions, be pointed towards resources, and also begin to understand your unique role as an ally. We all have a role to play. Find yours and walk in it Authentically!
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About Pamela Gray Daniel
I am a Social Unity/Oneness Practitioner, Author, Speaker & Life Coach.  I am a social change agent empowering individuals to be co-creators of a fair a just society where all people are valued equally and no one has to justify how they show up.   I educate individuals on how to bring personal healing and peace to themselves, thereby bringing peace to our world. I encourage individuals in their personal growth and development, providing guidance and support as they aim to reach their highest potential.  I specialize in Authentic Allyship which is an Oneness practice of equality and joint effort to transform our world into a place that works for the highest good of all.